DS 491: Design Studies Professional Field Experience

The DS 491 Professional Field Experience provides course credit for your work experience or other approved supervised hands-on experiences related to your major area of study. Below is a checklist of activities required for completing and obtaining credit for a Design Studies Professional Field Experience. Necessary forms and additional information are linked to each activity where appropriate. Be sure to read the checklist and the links thoroughly so that you do not miss any important steps in this process. It is your responsibility to have the forms completed and obtain the necessary permissions for your field experience. The faculty members are here to support that process and will answer any questions you have as you proceed.

1. Review syllabus for DS 491

2. Review information about internships.

3. Locate a suitable internship site.

4. Discuss your proposed internship with the Faculty Internship Supervisor, Mrs. Barbara Lingle (contact information provided on the DS 491 Syllabus page).

5. Create your resume, portfolio, and/or other appropriate artifacts for the interview.

6. Contact the field experience site and request an interview.

7. If interview is successful, have the field experience site supervisor (interviewer) fill out the Company Acceptance of Student form.

8. Complete the Request For Site Approval form and deliver both the Company Acceptance of Student form and the Request for Site Approval form to the Faculty Internship Supervisor.

9. Obtain approval for the field experience from the Faculty Internship Supervisor. Approval will be indicated on the Request for Site Approval form.

10. Register for DS 491 (number of hours to be determined by the number of hours to be worked: 1 credit hour = 40 hours of site work).

11. Review the DS 491 Syllabus thoroughly. Download the Timesheet and the Site Supervisor Evaluation . Read and follow instructions carefully BEFORE beginning your field experience. The completed packet must be submitted to your Faculty Internship Supervisor as per the instructions to receive credit for your work.